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Our Werkhaus Lab Team

Ilze Polakova (She/Her)

Project coordination, contact person in Werkhaus Start-up Lab & Coworking

»Starting a business and becoming self-employed in Germany requires a lot of courage! I’m delighted to accompany people on their journey into entrepreneurship, to encourage and inspire them, or sometimes simply to be there for them with an open ear. As an intercultural trainer I know that many challenges require open mind and trust. I am here to help overcoming all your challenges and open doors, that will help you on your way to get successful!«

Martin Arnold-Schaarschmidt

Coaching, counseling & mentoring

»I think it’s great when people want to take action. Some want to leave their mark on the world, others want to fulfill themselves, or work more autonomously. I know this magic very well myself and love it. I also know that you won’t get far if it’s not clear where the necessary time and money come from, and what people actually need. In the Werkhaus Lab, I want to help others develop their paths, their ideas, their resources and suitable business models.«


Juliane Döschner (She/Her)

Reporting & project management

»What I really like about Werkhaus is that we support very different people in putting their ideas into concrete terms and turning them into reality. And we do this not alone, but with partner organizations in Erfurt and beyond. I gladly keep the threads of our funding partners in my hands for this purpose.«

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