UP Spot Inklusion

Working, Coworking and start-ups for everybody!


As partners in the coworking network “Up Thüringen“ we served as the “UP Spot” from April to July 2022!

During this time, we facilitated exchanges among founders, interested individuals, entrepreneurs and consultants. Through impulses, workshops and networking events, we collectively worked towards making the startup landscape in Erfurt and Thuringia more inclusive!


Inclusion means that every person belongs and is welcome. Regardless of origin, gender, physical, mental, or linguistic abilities, every individual should have access to education, employment and society.

Naturally, our startup program and coworking space should also be inclusive. And together with you, we aim to make the entire Thuringian startup and coworking scene, including our workplaces and attitudes, more inclusive! To achieve this, we identify, question and evolve our offerings by understanding the various barriers in everyday life.

Looking back at our UP Spot program:

Are you ready to take off?

Do you have an idea? Perhaps it’s still tentative or already well thought-out. Do you have the desire and determination to forge your own path, earn your own money or make an impact? Are you considering starting your own venture? Then come to the Werkhaus Laboratory and give it a try!

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