Werkhaus Start-up Lab 24


Trial instead of business plan: At Werkhaus Start-up Lab, we assist entrepreneurs in experimenting with and refining their envisioned solutions, products and services. If the startup ideas prove convincing on a small scale, they can take off with greater momentum! 

This year we’re opening a bilingual start-up lab for international founders. We’re starting with  the kick-off events or Preschools where you get the first introduction to founders journey. After that, you can apply for the extensive start-up lab “Werkhaus” and work with peers on your business. Here you will build prototypes, test them with costumers, get access to founders network and get connected to costumers.

Module 1:
Preschools with Startup Migrants

In three days, you’ll immerse yourself in the world of entrepreneurship, where you can develop and experiment with your startup idea. You’ll learn all about the local startup ecosystem, meet other entrepreneurs and connect with existing business owners. All you need is your laptop, some paper and the desire to advance your idea. Information and registration are available here:

Registration Preschool in Erfurt / 26.-28. April

Registration Preschool in Jena / 24.-26. Mai

Module 2:
Start-up Lab

Following the preschools, you can join the Werkhaus Inclusion Start-up Lab. Over four months, we aim to transform your business idea into initial models, test them and develop them into a viable prototype. You’ll experiment and validate your idea on a small scale, collaborating with various supporters to make improvements. We provide intensive one-on-one coaching, workshops, networking events and free coworking space at Saline 34.

Module 3:

You’ve built your first prototype and are testing it with real customers, potential business partners, and other entrepreneurs at the Erfurt Pop-Up Store! In two weeks, you’ve gathered valuable feedback, expanded your prototype and are even ready to launch your business idea.

Module 4:

Was the prototype successful? Then we will jointly promote your offering. We will find ways and means for you to finance your startup and successfully take off.

Upcoming events!

Are you ready to take off?
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Have you got an idea? Whether it’s just a seedling or fully formed, do you have the desire and determination to carve your own path, earn your own income, or make a difference? Are you considering starting something new? Then come to the Werkhaus Start-up Lab and give it a try!

Apply now and introduce us with your business idea and your team.