Funding program for initiatives and micro-projects for youths and young adults aged 16 to 25 in the Erfurt area.


Are you a group of three friends or more? If you had the money, would you try out your ideas or set up exactly what you’re missing or want to experience yourself? Now’s your chance with Gamechanger!

To bring your micro-project to life, you’ll receive coaching from our mentors at Werkhaus, as well as up to 400 euros in funding.

Here’s what you need to do:

– form a project team of at least three people.
– write down your idea: What do you want to do and when? What do you hope to achieve with it, and who will benefit from it?

Your Mentors

The micro-projects will be accompanied by freelance staff at various locations.

Franziska Kindmann

Microproject mentor

“Through the micro-projects, I get the chance to dip into the lives of others, hear their stories, and see the world a bit through their eyes. At the same time, I can share my own experiences and offer tips to support them in bringing their own ideas to life.”.«

Benjamin Reichardt

Microproject mentor

»In my youth, I was always busy working. My mother instilled independence in me from an early age, which helped me in many aspects. Additionally, I had many hobbies such as theater and football. Anything involving other people has had a lasting impact on me. Now, I find project work fantastic as it offers numerous opportunities, and I believe you can never start too early. I’d love to support in that.”!«

Syuzanna Fiberg

Microproject mentor

“With the help of the micro-project funds, there is a unique opportunity to bring ideas to life together with other committed individuals, sharing knowledge and skills. What particularly appeals to me about this project is the opportunity to work with young people of various nationalities with diverse experiences.«

Learn more about our Gamechangers

Asal & Somsas Baking workshop

“My idea was to bring people from different cultures together through joint cooking offers. In doing so, previously unknown individuals could not only learn more about Uzbek cuisine but also forge new friendships and break down prejudices and stereotypical thinking.”

Johanna & Shared Christmas

“My goal was to create a Christmas for all those who couldn’t celebrate with their families and friends. More than anything, I wanted to evoke a feeling. That warm Christmas feeling of comfort and anticipation. To create a cozy evening with shared cooking, baking, and eating. An opportunity for people to get to know each other, have conversations, and form friendships.”

Jot vs. Mr. Snob

“From 2008 to 2015, we supported young people in realizing their ideas with our project ‘Loading Bar.’ Here’s the clip from back then.”